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The Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing

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The number of people linked to the internet has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Now, roughly three billion people use the internet, sending billions of emails, posting millions of tweets, and watching billions of videos every day. As many customers flood the internet to conduct business, make purchases, and socialize, marketing departments are also adapting various online marketing methods. However, with so many marketing strategies, tools, and roles showing up, it can be somewhat difficult to monitor every one of them or even understand how they relate to each other.The biggest takeaway that comes with learning online marketing today is the ability to recognize a signal from noise and getting the valid information from the right individuals and then acting on it.

However, i have come up with The Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing, and in this article, I will help you understand what there is to internet marketing.

Type of internet marketing.

1. Social media marketing.

We live in a word where almost everyone has a social media account be it on tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and so much more. Therefore, you can quickly showcase your products in this social accounts and many people from different geographical locations will be able to know what your business offers, additionally, it is an efficient yet secure way for individuals to share and communicate about their experience with friends. The best thing about this form of marketing is it is cheap since making your business profiles on these sites is free.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is used on websites where elements like images, menus, keywords, and titles are molded in a way that they become web search friendly. Optimization helps your website to be easily found by potential clients over the internet. The use of search engine optimization gives modern web search engines the ability to index your site and boost it to the top of the results list.

3. Pay per click advertising.

This form of advertising involves a business paying for adverts when a potential client clicks on it. Websites that use this type of advertising will show ads based on the advertisers’ keyword to display appropriate content to the clients.

4. E-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is a way of improving the relationship between a company and its customers. Clients first sign up for an E-mail notification so that they can get daily information about the company’s service or product and as a result, the business attracts continuous repeat business. 

The advantage of internet marketing.

1. Cost effective.

Internet marketing requires no or little capital compared to traditional forms of marketing and also there is no need to worry about physical capital since everything is on the web.

2. Advertise to a global market.

Thanks to internet marketing your business can reach clients from all around the globe; for your business is not limited to a particular geographical location. All you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to go.

3. Easy reach of the target market.

This form of marketing assists your business in achieving the aimed market instantly, and prospective clients will have the ability to find you at a click of a button.

4. Suitable payment collections.

With various technologies like e-commerce on your site, you will be to pick payment conveniently and efficiently.5. With online marketing, you have the ability to advice your business 24/7.  

The disadvantage of Internet marketing.

1. There is no instant trust.

Since online advertising is almost everywhere, potential clients cannot know it the products been marketed are good or bad. It takes some time for a business to gain trust to its users online. 

2. Competition.

With online marketing, there is stiff competition between businesses since a majority of companies can afford this form of marketing.

3. You need to have some skill and knowledge to do well with online marketing.


Online marketing comes with numerous benefits when properly done and can even help you connect with an extensive client base. So, stop wasting money and time and consider having a marketing and web Design Company, assist you to outdo your competitors, stand out in the market and see sales improvement. 

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